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    Check Your Filter

    Summer is coming y'all! And you know how hot your place gets–especially those little urban boxes in "charming" (100 year-old) walk-up buildings. If you want to keep cool, you'd better clean your AC filter. And what about your personal filter?Is it clogged with the stuff you let accumulate when you were just going through the motions?   Read More…

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    Tend Your Garden

    Do you chase every siren that passes your house to find out what the tragedy is, and then sit in all the terrible feelings about it…when it has nothing to do with you? So why do you opt to consume the most horrific content on social channels and then wonder why you’re feeling pessimistic about life? Listen–your mind is a garden.Are you growing stinging nettles or daffodils? Is it full of mosquitos or can you see all the variations of life blooming there, and realize that you are doing th…  Read More…

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    The Past is Present

    I was watching a film the other night during that narrow space between 'the children are finally asleep' and 'I still have enough energy in my middle aged body to do something fun, just for me, before also collapsing into comatose sleep.' Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable follows scientists who discover the sunken remnants of a ship belonging to Roman-era art collector Cif Amotan II.However, I learned later that it was actually a mockumentary! Cif Amotan II is an …  Read More…

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    What Shape Does Your Intelligence Want To Be?

    I always tell people I'm "primarily a poet." It was my first form of creative expression and my go-to genre when a thought experiment keeps rolling around in my head. But poetry is just one mode of my self-expression.I truly hate boxes. Yet, from pixels to brick and mortar, we have to contend with them.   Read More…

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    Nobody Does it All

    I'm always suspicious of those impeccably clean houses where children also live. I imagine that the parents either made a pact with evil forces and have no further use for sleep, or they have found a legal way to temporarily sedate the sand storm energy of humans under the age of 10. When I look at my living room, I often feel like Sisyphus, and the Cheerios and juice boxes on the floor are my eternal tormentors. Between my 9-5 job, the children, my publishing deadlines, my perform…  Read More…

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    How to Build a Fire

    It's so appropriate that I'm writing this on the 3rd day of Kwanzaa because today's principle is Ujima–Collective Work and Responsibility. Ujima is really useful when you're trying to build a fire.Fire energizes, illuminates, purifies, and if necessary, destroys. But to get the flame going, especially in a storm, you might need the help of some friends.As I joined fellow poets at the annual Watering Hole Poetry retreat around a campfire last night, near the shore of a postcard-p…  Read More…

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    Someone is Singing your Song

    You know that Jamaican people have proverbs and axioms for everything, don't you? Back in the awkward college dating years, my mother would console me after any not-so-great experience by saying, "Every hoe have dem stick ah bush." (I beg your pardon, but 'hoe' in this axiom means garden tool! Get your mind right ;-)The saying simply means that every hoe has its matching wooden handle that fits it perfectly, somewhere off in the bushes. In other words, there's some…  Read More…

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    Keep the Lights On

    I think back to my early 20s and boy was I rigid! I was going to be an author. PeriodTheEnd.   Read More…

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