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    Who Are You Without Your Story?

    “What do you do?” I always bristle when people ask me this question, right after I give them my name. There are better ways to draw out someone’s true nature, ya know?When I was a journalist, I had to learn how to make those delicate interactions work in my favor without pissing people off or causing them to shut down completely, but that’s a story for another time…When people ask us what we do, we usually fall right into lock step and provide our canned story, don’t we?”I’m a lawyer…I’m in …  Read More…

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    Trauma is a Teacher, Not a Dwelling Place

    (Listen to the poem above on Soundcloud.)People will tell you writing is hard–and they're right. But not for the reason you may think.Yes, you have to know the totality of the story before you even start writing. You also have to be conversant with form and character building–with poetry and fiction alike.   Read More…

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    Getting on the Same Wavelength

    My buddy Reynaldo is an amazing artist! We met at an exhibition last year where we both had work being shown, and we hit it off right away. Reynaldo has recently been building us a custom book shelf (above) with his original wood burn designs on top.   Read More…

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    Growing In

    We are wired for admiration. After all, we are social animals. It's why we love books, and movies, and also celebrities.   Read More…

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    Turning Frustration into Fuel

    I took today off to work on promotion for my upcoming book projects. Two new books in 2018 and I couldn't be happier! I dropped my daughter off at school and looked forward to having the whole, sunny, child-free day ahead of me.   Read More…

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    Make it About the Work

    Writing is hard, especially when we jump into the world of social or political commentary. The probability of being misunderstood is great, as emotions run high. What I have learned, especially in spaces on social media where conversations happen, is to make it about the work.   Read More…

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    The Extraordinary in the Ordinary

    “I’ve never thought of it that way before.” Something I hear quite often after I’ve shared poems or given a talk about writing. And that’s what writing is supposed to do–make you look at the things you see every day in a new and different way, a way that brings you closer to inspiration and solutions, or helps you to better appreciate your own gifts.That’s why I love sharing poetry at my buddy Oriel Ceballos’ pop-up art exhibition at Daddy Green’s Pizza in Bed Stuy. Oriel is an amazing artist, …  Read More…

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