Check Your Filter

Check Your Filter

Summer is coming y'all! And you know how hot your place gets--especially those little urban boxes in "charming" (100 year-old) walk-up buildings. If you want to keep cool, you'd better clean your AC filter. 

And what about your personal filter?

Is it clogged with the stuff you let accumulate when you were just going through the motions? Are you gasping for the fresh air of inspiration to whisk you up and out of your rut?

I know it's cliche to say 'everything is everything,' but's true. 

Have you checked your personal filter for things like unresolved childhood trauma...the weight of your family's opinions and judgements about how you should live your adult life...your own narrow, limiting beliefs, based on outmoded versions of yourself and/or belief systems...your judgements of others, based on bigotry or the overpowering voice of popular culture, which may not really be your voice at all?

We do see the world as WE are and not always as it is, not in totality. That's why routine maintenance is a must to move you smoothly on your journey.

You wouldn't drive a car with a gunky engine, or try to vacuum with a machine filled with dust and cat fur, would you? Similarly, you can't hear your own brilliance with emotional and intellectual debris clogging up your channels of perception. 

The people we revere as visionaries and trendsetters in history--from MLK to Bob Marley to Prince--were able to take something we're all familiar with and evolve it. Everyone benefits from that type of innovation.

But before you go out to change the entire world, make sure that your internal world is running at peak efficiency.

Here are some tips:

  • Take a walk in nature at least once a week. Notice all the ways that you are just like the plants and the wildlife. Take note of their pace and patterns, and think about whether or not your daily patterns are in sync with the natural rhythm of life. Are you getting enough sleep? Enough water? Enough friendship?
  • Doodle, knit, cook, garden, build something...just empty your brain. When I'm drawing, I do not think. I just move the pen in whatever way feels good to me. I often draw while listening to instrumental music (who else loves dub?:-). If you know you need to relax more often but you find it hard to sit still--like me--this is a good solution. Busy hands, empty mind. 
  • R-e-l-a-x your body. I love massages and pedicures and getting my hair done. Touch is very therapeutic. Get your pampering on and let the stress of the day fade away. Plus, changing your look is always a boon to self-esteem.
  • Be anti-social for a day. Social media is great, but it can take you on a rollercoaster of emotions that humans weren't meant to experience within a 24-hour span of time. You can go from cute kids and cats to dash cam video of an unarmed, naked civilian getting shot. A steady diet of this is not healthy. And in many cases, we are triggering our old traumas that we've yet to consciously confront but consuming certain content. So, take a break from the newsfeed. Try it for 24 hours.  

May the roads you travel take you toward a light that blooms your into the best version of yourself that you can imagine. Just keep moving forward. And sign up for my monthly newsletter at for upcoming book tour dates and readings.