Tend Your Garden

Tend Your Garden

Do you chase every siren that passes your house to find out what the tragedy is, and then sit in all the terrible feelings about it...when it has nothing to do with you? So why do you opt to consume the most horrific content on social channels and then wonder why you're feeling pessimistic about life? 

Listen--your mind is a garden.

Are you growing stinging nettles or daffodils? Is it full of mosquitos or can you see all the variations of life blooming there, and realize that you are doing the same? I personally don't have any space anywhere inside me for messages that attempt to diminish or erase me (e.g., videos of black death and racist politicians). 

Whatever you consume is your course of study and there are far too many beautiful things to learn that don't involve my planned annihilation. Intention =/= reality. 

Balance your need to be informed and connected to the outside world with the quiet required to create things from your authentic self. Artists will often create works that respond to external events, but they do this by grabbing the stallion by the reigns, not the other way around. The latter often resembles madness. 

You are the gardener. 

Decide what thoughts should be allowed to take root in you, because whether you are aware of it or not, what you plant there will drive your actions (it's the reason advertising works). 

Choose to bloom into the best version of you.

What works for me are routines and rituals. I may listen to the news in the car with my husband but then turn everything off as I sit in a coffee shop to write or draw before I go into work. I may call my friends on the weekend to catch up but I'll pretty much never answer the phone during the week (don't take it personally).

You must know that 1) your time is precious 2) and you control how it's spent. The sea of creation never stops churning. And there are mighty big waves at times, but you can learn how to ride them. Or just float. It's always your choice. 

I explore this a great deal in my poetry. Check my Instagram for excerpts from Gathering the Waters, as well as new work. 

And remember to breathe!