Getting on the Same Wavelength

My buddy Reynaldo is an amazing artist! We met at an exhibition last year where we both had work being shown, and we hit it off right away. Reynaldo has recently been building us a custom book shelf (above) with his original wood burn designs on top. His art resonated with me precisely because it looks so similar to mine (below). And as we got to know each other, it turns out that we have a great many things in common.

That made think about the benefits of getting on the right wavelength to achieve your goals. 

You know when you’re definitely on the wrong wavelength. You feel it as conflict, negativity, resistance, resentment, envy, or being tolerated rather than cherished for the unique skills that you bring to a given situation. And when you become aware of this type of mismatch of energy, you’d better swiftly remove yourself from that situation. 

Perhaps you made a wrong turn on your path, got complacent, or have simply outgrown the lesson being offered. Whatever the case may be, it can be dangerous for you physically, mentally, and spiritually to stay in a discordant situation. So make a plan to leave the cacophony and seek out those with whom you can create more harmony. In other words, find those people and situations that are on your wavelength.

Don’t get me wrong–I’m not saying that you can’t work productively with those whose political or religious views differ greatly from yours. Neither do I think that people who are not on my particular path are ‘right’ or ‘wrong’; they are simply learning lessons that they need to learn for their own specific evolution. So leave them be and find where you fit. 

The fact that we are all so unique is what makes life interesting!

“Iron sharpen iron,” as we often say in the Caribbean. If you align yourself with those working toward the same goals as you, though your approaches may differ, you will make more meaningful progress in whatever you’re trying to achieve. 

No one is an island. When you put your work into the world, pay attention to who it resonates with, and be open to forming new connections with people who on the surface may seem very different from you. You never know how that person can inspire you to reach new heights in work that you’re already doing, and also help you find an answer to a question you’ve been struggling with by simply helping you to shift your perspective.

A chorus in harmony sends a much more powerful message than several voices singing over each other. Get on the right wavelength and let the current take you to where you want to go. Enjoy the ride!

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