Turning Frustration into Fuel

I took today off to work on promotion for my upcoming book projects. Two new books in 2018 and I couldn’t be happier! I dropped my daughter off at school and looked forward to having the whole, sunny, child-free day ahead of me. If you’re a parent who’s also an artist, who also works full-time and lives in an expensive city like New York…you can appreciate the state of glee I was in.

I headed home on the NYC subway, and then it happened. Another delay. Ten minutes…20 minutes…40 minutes passed. I watched people on stalled the train go from mumbling to yelling to arguing with each other. Me? I was drawing this bird you see pictured. 

It made me think about each person’s ability to turn frustration into fuel. Frustration is a given in life. But how do you use it to catapult you where you’d like to be? Delayed isn’t denied. In moments where you’re stalled and things are out of your control–whether it’s a creative project, a health matter, or a business venture–use the moment as an opportunity for reflection, inspiration, reviewing, and paying attention to things you normally overlook. Everything in the world around you is a teacher.

Losing your cool won’t make the train move, and it won’t make your life move. Take your time and pace yourself. What you want is possible, even if it takes you longer than you think it should.