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Work With Keisha

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Whether it’s helping people find their unique voice, headlining major events as a featured poet, or assisting business leaders with creating impactful speeches or editorial content, Keisha can help you better communicate with your audience. She brings a disciplined yet nurturing approach to her work, and helps to build bridges where there are disconnects. 

Keisha has served as the primary speech writer for three college presidents, secured television interviews with high ranking political leaders and celebrities, and made literature accessible to high school students and adult learners alike. 

Her writing has garnered awards and accolades from her peers. She can help you create a narrative that raises your company’s visibility or inspires your students to pursue excellence in their writing. Work with Keisha.

Study With the Best, CUNY TV

Keisha is flexible and versatile storyteller, having worked with a broad range of populations as a manager, artist, educator, or inspirational speaker. Connect with Keisha to work with her as a

  • featured poet / author
  • writing coach
  • workshop leader
  • keynote speaker
  • editorial consultant
  • speech writer
  • communications strategist


Connect With Keisha