Stories are the currents that connect us and move us through life. For more than 20 years, the love of storytelling has taken me on an incredible journey as a professional writer, author, and media maker. Whether it's publishing poetry, fiction, essays, journalistic writing, or screenwriting, exhibiting visual art, or writing speeches and marketing copy, I love how the power to craft stories has enriched my experience and given me to tools to help people transform their lives. 

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Praise for Everything Is Necessary:

“Anderson twists to writhe ivory from bone.”
  —Tyehimba Jess, author of Olio and winner of the Pulitzer Prize 

“[Keisha’s] poetry explores the many ways in which the African Diaspora is carried within our bodies, on our tongues–from sufferings under enslavement to the precarity of modern American life.”
  —Patricia Spears Jones, author of A Lucent Fire and winner of the Jackson Poetry Prize

Everything Is Necessary is a ‘controlled explosion’…the poet’s journey is that of meditation, reincarnation, and ancestral lineage inside the portal of her DNA…”
  —Anastacia Renée, author of (v.), Forget It, and Answer(Me)

“Keisha-Gaye Anderson takes all the instruments at her disposal—things to make music, things with which to cook, stones that have blocked her way, that have made her at times detour, and fashioned these into weapons, things to keep the enemy at bay…Go with her. She is determined to find a way.”
  —Mervyn Taylor, author of Voices Carry

Keisha’s second poetry collection of 2019, A Spell for Living, received the Editors’ Choice recognition for Agape Edition’s 2017 Numinous Orisons, Luminous Origin Literary Award for Poetry. The book will be published in 2019 as a full-length digital experience of poetry, Keisha’s original art, and music, through the Morning House ebook series. Read more about this project here.

Gathering the Waters, Keisha’s debut poetry collection, was released by Jamii Publishing in 2014 and was accepted in the the Poets House Library.

What people are saying about Gathering the Waters:

Keisha-Gaye Anderson is comfortable in the language and truth of her poems. Hers is a necessary voice for our times. These poems sing, dance, rumble and cry out like sweet thunder from the coral colored shore of her poetic terrain. I am in awe of these spirit vocals, these healing water sounds.
  —Cheryl Boyce-Taylor, poet and author of Arrival and Convincing The Body

Gathering the Waters is a potent book of poetry that can intoxicate your senses. Keisha wields her pen like a Samurai swordsman. Her poetry deals with the personal us, the intimate us, and the history of us. Keisha’s poetry takes you on a wonderfully exciting journey through the culture and beauty of being Black, with the promise of tomorrow.
  —Abiodun Oyewole, The Last Poets


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